How to reset bad sectors, update Windows registry when partition is moved and modify Vista/7 boot config file
Posted by Andre V. on 02 April 2011 10:26 PM

3 Uncommon Scenarios when you can NOT access your OS (Windows/Linux/MacOS)... and that can be fixed:

  1. Your drive developed bad sectors.

  2. You fiddled with Partition table that Windows is on. Everything went smooth, but now Windows won't start.

  3. Windows Vista/7 won't start because your drive can't find where they're located.

Solution: Use "Partition Saving".

In summary, Partition Saving helps you to and can:

  1. Copy, save and restore and entire hard disk or individual partitions.
  2. Upload Win XP/Vista/7 registry when a partition has been moved (fixes #2 above)
  3. Update Vista/7 boot configuration file (fixes #3 above)
  4. Fix FAT/NTFS boot sector
  5. Reset bad sectors in a filesystem (fixes #1 above)


Here's how to fix all 3...

Step 1: Boot from CD. See instructions that came with your order on how to do this. Or see here.

Step 2: Go to: HDD » Partition Management » Partition Saving

Step 3: Use available options to fix your situation

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