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How to restore Windows XP when it's giving you a Blue Screen on startup...
Posted by Andre V. on 26 August 2011 08:12 PM

So you've optimized your computer and cleaned it's registry. But when you restarted, your Windows XP gives you a Blue Screen. Even does it when going to Safe Mode.

This article will show you how to fix this using 1-Click Fix Utilities.

Generally, we'll be restoring the last known good configuration files which are usually not older then 1-2 days. This won't delete any files. It'll simply restore Windows XP back to how it was. So it's completely 100% safe.


Step 1: Launch Parted Magic. See instructions that came with your order on how to do this. Or see here.

Step 2: On your desktop, click on...


And a file explorer launches that works exactly like file exploring in Windows. You can access, delete, copy, paste between folders and drives.


Step 3: Click on "System Volume Information" folder.

Step 4: There will be another folder. Click on it.

Step 5: There will be folders like "RP8" etc. Click on the highest number.

Step 6: Click on folder "snapshot".

Step 7: Find the file _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM. Then right-click » Copy

Step 8: Then browse to: WIDOWS » system32 » config

Step 9: Rename (with F2) the file "system" (it'll have a gear icon), to: system_

Step 10: Press Ctrl+V (Paste)

Step 11: Rename _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM to: system

Step 12: Restart PC and you're good to go.


If doesn't work, then go back to second highest RP folder. And also do Step 7-11 for:


(» indicates, rename it to...)

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