Cleaning viruses when you can't access Windows
Posted by Andre V. on 02 April 2011 10:26 PM

Step 1: Launch Parted Magic. See instructions that came with your order on how to do this. Or see here.

Step 2: You'll automatically be internet-ready. But if you're using WIFI, click here on how to connect.

Step 3: Go to: Start » Accessories » Xfprot

Step 4: Click on "Update" button . This will download the latest virus definitions from the internet.

Step 5: In the "Path to scan" section — select your "infected" hard drive. Erase the default "/root/Desktop". And put the path of your hard drive.

Here's how to find out what the path is:

Go to "My Documents" (icon on the desktop). Click on "Main". And you'll see the path. Here's an example...

In above picture example — the path is: /media/sdb1

Simply copy-paste this into the "Path to scan" section.


Step 6: Click on "Scan".

Step 7: When finished, restart PC: Start » Logout

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