How to restore files without Windows...
Posted by Andre V. on 02 April 2011 10:26 PM

Step 1: Launch Parted Magic. See instructions that came with your order on how to do this. Or see here.

Step 2: Plug in your external drive or USB stick — because must ALWAYS restore deleted files on any drive other then the one where the deleted files are found.

Parted Magic will auto-detect all your drives and show them in "My Computer" (top-left icon on your Desktop).


OR on some computers it may show this screen...

If it does, click "Mount" next to the plugged in drive.


Step 4: Go to: Start » System Tools » PhotoRec

Step 5: Select the drive where the deleted files are found. Press "Enter". Below is sample screen shot...


Step 6: Select [Intel]. Press "Enter". Below is sample screenshot...


Step 7: Select the partition that contains deleted files.

If you're not sure which — it's likely labled [Hard Drive], or it'll have a "P" next to it — just like in below picture...


Then use left/right arrow key to go to "File Opt".

There you can select the filetypes (using "Spacebar" on your keyboard) that you want searched.

(We recommend you only select the filetypes that correspond do your deleted files. EG: If you are sure that you deleted .mp3 files — than only select: MP3.)

When done — go to "Search" and press Enter.


Step 8: Select the partition type. Press "Enter". Below is sample screenshot...


[ext2/ext3] : If you have Linux.
[Other] : If you have Windows.


Step 9: Select "Free". Press "Enter". Below is sample screenshot...


Step 10: Scroll to "media" (using up-down keys on your keyboard). Press "Enter".

Step 11: Scroll to "XXX". Press "Enter".

What is XXX?

It's the name of your backup drive you wish to recover your files to.

How do you find out XXX?

Go to: My Documents (icon on Desktop) » Click on the backup drive. Then you'll see: /media/XXX

Here's an example...


Step 12: Press "Y".

Below is example screenshot if your XXX was "sda1".


Step 13: It'll now start finding the deleted files and automatically copy them to your backup drive. (You can stop the process anytime by pressing "Enter").


Step 14:  When finished, restart PC: Start » Logout

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