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About Parted Magic
Posted by Andre V. on 02 April 2011 10:26 PM

In short, PartedMagic is like Windows.

It's an operating system that temporarily loads inside your computers memory (meaning it does NOT need nor touch any of your computers hard-drives in order to work).

And it provides all the tools, utilities and functions of Windows for repairing and managing just about anything you can imagine.

It also includes all the common applications like: Disk/Partition Fixer, File Explorer, Data Recovery, AntiVirus, Internet Browser, Multimedia, Graphics, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burning, Word Processor... and dozens of more tools.

It support all versions of computers, laptops, netbooks and instantly detects all hardware inside your computer. It also immediately detects and makes available any new USB drives you connect to your computer. Just like Windows! No difference.

This all means one thing for you: Windows or Linux not working? No problem! Use Parted Magic to quickly and easily find or fix any problem you may be experiencing

It's easily accessible by simply having your computer boot from 1-Click Fix Utilities CD or USB.

Then select: Parted Magic

It'll load up in 2-3 minutes and absolutely will not in any way brake your system in any way. So don't worry about that thought if it crosses your mind.

Here's an example screenshot of what it looks like...



If you get this blue screen when Parted Magic launches...

Then just choose the 3rd option, as per above picture, and click OK. And you're in!

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